Eh?会話Club Grand Finale!


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Eh?会話Club Announcement


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English Cafe Summer 2018




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Special Announcement


Dear students and friends, 

It was in November of 2010 that this English program began, and it has been an interesting and fun journey over the years. 

But every journey has an ending. My current missionary term is coming to an end, and, though I’m not entirely sure what’s next for me, and though I do plan to stay in Japan, I feel that it’s time to move on from teaching English. For this reason, our English program will be coming to an end this year. 

So here is the plan: Our adult English classes will continue until early August. However, Kids Brown, which is a four-year program, will continue at least until the current class is complete in February. We are looking for a substitute teacher to take my place starting in the fall. 

It’s with mixed feelings that I write this letter. I’m excited to move on to new things, but I’m sad to say goodbye. I’m thankful to the people who have helped make this ministry possible. And I’m thankful for all of you who have studied English with me these past few years. More than anything, I hope you’ve come to know that Jesus loves you. He is the reason my church and I serve our community in this way. 

Meanwhile, we still have a few months of classes left, so let’s enjoy this time together! 

Thank you, 

– Robin 



2010年の11月に、この英語の教室が始まりました。ここまで来られた旅は、私にとって、とても面白くて楽しかったです。 しかし、全ての旅には、終わる日があります。私の現在の宣教期間がもうすぐ終わります。次の期間はどうなるか、まだわかりませんが、日本に進む予定です。しかし、英語教育を中心にしないという風に考えています。なので、今年、この英会話教室は、終わることになります。 


少し複雑な感情で、この手紙を書いています。新しいスタートを 楽しみにしていますが、サヨナラの寂しさも感じています。この     数年間一緒に働いてきた人々も、この教会の協力も感謝しています。そして、一緒に英語を勉強してきた皆さんのことも感謝です。教会と私は、イエス様の愛を伝えるためにこの教室を作りました。皆さんは、その愛を感じてくれたなら、とても嬉しいです。 




Robin White — April, 2018

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What is it???

Here’s a fun video we’ve been using with our kids class. Adults might enjoy it too.

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Grown-Up English Phrases (video)

Do you know how to use these phrases?

  • In the event that/of
  • In hindsight
  • A means to an end.

Watch this video to learn more! (Click on the CC button for Japanese captions.)

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English Program Flier

Here’s an updated version of our flier letting you know about our current program, schedule and prices. Please get in touch if you’re interested in joining us!english-ministry-WEB-2018

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English Cafe Returns!


February 2 is our first English Cafe of 2018! Come on out for some warm coffee, conversation and snacks.

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Hidden Phrases in English Words

Here’s an interesting look at the origins of some English words you may have heard before. Some of them are strange, and make you wonder where they came from. Well, some single words contain “hidden” phrases. Watch this video to learn about some of those words with whole phrases hidden in them.

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Christmas Event!

Looking for something fun to do in Nagoya this Christmas season? This is NOT an English event, but please come to our Church’s annual Christmas event on December 17 if you can! It’s FREE! 英会話のイベントではないですが、英語の生徒でも友達でも、どうぞ、一緒にクリスマスをお祝いしましょう!


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Eh?会話教室 provides English learning opportunities in a relaxing and fun environment. These include weekly classes for kids and adults, a monthly English conversation cafe, and special events. Our classes and events are held at Immanuel Nagoya Church, in Nakamura ward, Nagoya.

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